Improve Relationships with Ease

Relationships are hard. That’s true if they are personal or business. They take work and motivation. In business, they take a little something more, though. Closing sales means you have to know your ideal customer and how to build that special bond. That’s what customer relationship management, or CRM is all about. So what can you do to improve your …

Entrepreneur features our own Andrew Reiner in their Real Entrepreneurs Series’s

These are incredibly challenging times for businesses, and more so for startups and SMEs. Apart from facing the struggles related to rapidly changing consumption patterns, weak demand, and substantial revenue losses, startups face the acute challenge of raising funds. Grapevine AI succeeded in securing funding during these times. They did exceptionally well as leverage the power of robust relationships by utilizing a powerful platform built to enhance and streamline these connections. They never once missed a follow-up email, always built rapport with those they spoke with, and remembered every bit of important information as they cultivated those relationships.

Welcome, Eli!

Welcome, Eli!

We are thrilled to announce that Eli Szus has joined Grapevine AI as Director of Front End Engineering. Everyone at Grapevine AI is excited to build this with you! And we promise to remember (and remind everyone) it’s pronounced “L. E.”