Entrepreneur features our own Andrew Reiner in their Real Entrepreneurs Series’s

Entrepreneur is an American magazine and website that carries news stories about entrepreneurship, small business management, and business. In their Real Entrepreneurs series, they feature the latest news, videos, and discussion topics from entrepreneurs of all shapes and sizes. In this ongoing series, real entrepreneurs share advice, tips, and insights who are out there engaging in business battles daily. And Riley  very own Andrew Reiner was invited to share our story and his insights on the world of start-ups: building our relationships insights platform, developing and refining our pitch and ultimately securing funding during a global pandemic. We couldn’t be prouder.

You Can’t Build Relationships If You Can’t Remember Their Names. This Entrepreneur Is Solving That.

We invite you to review the article here and learn how Riley is solving this conundrum: Are you always in a scramble to remember details about your last meeting? The highlights of the article include the inspiration story for Grapevine AI, our biggest challenges navigating the pandemic and how and if we pivoted resulting from our current world, and he also shares advice for pitching your own start-up venture, and even ideas on where to look for funding.

Readers who finish the article are rewarded with Andrew’s own personal motivational mantra that his own dad shared with him as a boy–it’s worth the 9 minute read! But we will warn you, it may or may not include some explicit language (wink, wink).

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