Improve Relationships with Ease

Relationships are hard. That’s true if they are personal or business. They take work and motivation. In business, they take a little something more, though.

Closing sales means you have to know your ideal customer and how to build that special bond. That’s what customer relationship management, or CRM is all about. So what can you do to improve your relationships with ease? An excellent place to start is by transforming how salespeople build and maintain those relationships.

People, Not Numbers

When working in sales, it is easy to lose sight of what is at the other end of your business relationship – a person. Customers are not just numbers. They are people who work just like you do to support yourself and your family.

The problem remains: sales are all about the numbers, so it is easy to lose focus. A typical sales tool provides metrics that dehumanize you and your customer. You can’t form genuine relationships with numbers, only people.

To build relationships with ease, you must be able to see past the numbers to the people who make them up. What are their lives like, and what touches them emotionally?

Improve Your Communication Skills

How you say something really matters, especially in the virtual world. Part of relationship building is knowing who you are talking to and what is important to them. That is where having personal CRM apps at your disposal is critical.

As someone who works in sales, you have many contacts, and it is easy to forget critical details about each. However, your job is not only to understand their needs but to be able to communicate them to others. Contact management gives you tools to help you better understand each person on your list and improve your communication skills.

Think Before You Respond

Taking a beat before responding to something while building and maintaining relationships is essential. It is a skill most people need to develop.

You should be able to intake information, fully comprehend it, and respond. That ensures you answer in a way that furthers the relationship instead of harming it. Too often, people blurt out a response before really understanding what is said.

Put Feedback to Use

Being willing to listen and accept feedback is critical in most relationships. Sales information where you can find it will improve your customer service skills and overall performance.

For instance, you could make a note in your voice CRM of feedback from a client to remind yourself how to handle a situation better. Then, the next time you browse that person’s profile, you have a reminder that will help when closing sales with them. That is what is beneficial in the best contacts app.

An AI CRM like Riley can also help you apply that information to other customers with similar concerns. That means you are taking one piece of feedback and using it to better yourself in multiple ways.

For many people in business, the trick to building relationships is the right tools. The Riley app is a personalization tool that takes relationships to the next level. With it, you use voice, data, and AI to help you build those relationships and get the most benefit from them.

With Riley’s, you get:

  • Speak and go – Just tap the app’s microphone and curate critical details for your contacts
  • Get real-time reminders – Effective relationships need a little help now and again. The Riley app will give you daily intelligence briefings that provide contact details like feedback and personal anecdotes to keep you motivated.
  • Details when you need them – That is the purpose of having an effective contact management app. You want to be able to access the details you need when you need them and without fuss. For example, what was the one customer’s daughter’s name again?
  • Integration – Riley will integrate seamlessly with your CRM platform to give you real-time updates when working remotely, with accuracy guaranteed by AI. You have a consumer insights platform wherever you go.

In today’s digital world, there is no reason you can’t build the best relationships of your career. It just takes a desire to grow in your job and the right tools at your fingertips. So check out Riley AI and learn how it can help you better manage your relationships.

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