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Introducing Riley: Your Sales Meeting Prep Time Saver

Save up to 15 hours a week by letting AI do your prep work for you

Are you tired of spending endless hours preparing for sales meetings? Do you wish there was a way to effortlessly gather talking points and summaries about your prospects before every meeting? Look no further! Riley, powered by cutting-edge AI technology, is here to transform your sales game by streamlining your meeting preparation process.

Why Waste Time on Meeting Prep When You Can Have Riley?

At Riley, we understand that time is a precious commodity for sales professionals. The countless hours spent researching prospects, hunting for relevant information, and crafting compelling talking points can be exhausting and unproductive. That’s where Riley comes in – to save you time and enhance your productivity.

How Riley Works

Riley leverages the power of artificial intelligence to gather and summarize essential information about your prospects in mere seconds. Here’s how it works:

  1. Data Gathering: Riley scours the internet, including websites, social media profiles, and news articles, to collect comprehensive data about your prospects.
  2. Contextual Analysis: Our AI engine analyzes this data to provide you with insights into your prospects’ interests, pain points, and industry trends. This context is invaluable for crafting personalized and relevant messaging.
  3. Talking Point Generation: Riley generates a list of talking points based on the information gathered. These talking points help you engage your prospects effectively and make a lasting impression.
  4. Summary Reports: Riley compiles all the gathered information into concise summary reports, ensuring you have everything you need at your fingertips. No more sifting through pages of notes or multiple tabs on your browser!

Why Choose Riley?


  1. Time-Saving: With Riley, you can reduce your meeting preparation time by up to 80%, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – building meaningful relationships with your prospects.
  2. Personalized Engagement: Riley provides you with insights that enable you to tailor your messaging to your prospect’s specific needs and interests, increasing your chances of success.
  3. Competitive Edge: Stay one step ahead of the competition by arming yourself with the most up-to-date information and talking points.
  4. Easy Integration: Riley seamlessly integrates with your existing CRM and communication tools, making it a natural addition to your sales workflow.
  5. Secure and Reliable: Your data security is our top priority. Riley complies with the highest standards of data protection to ensure your information remains confidential.
Try Riley Today and Elevate Your Sales Game

Don’t waste another minute on tedious meeting prep. It’s time to level up your sales game with Riley’s AI-powered meeting preparation assistant. Start your journey to more productive, personalized, and successful sales meetings today.

Sign up for a free trial of Riley, and experience the future of sales meeting preparation. Join the ranks of sales professionals who are already reaping the benefits of this revolutionary tool.

Riley – Where Sales Meets Efficiency.

Riley Testimonials

"How'd I life before Riley? Now I don't need to think about what I have coming up for the day ahead, it is already in front of me in the morning. It's as if I have my own personal assistant.
"I can't believe how easy it is to add details to a contact. In the past, I've had to scribble notes and hope to remember to input the information into my CRM. Now I just tap the button and say whatever I need to remember."
"Forget hours of data-entry. I just tap the microphone and go. Simple things like my contact went to Michigan so I'll always remember to say "Go Blue!" or remember to comment if they beat Ohio State."

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