Voice Tech for Sales

Why Your Sales Team Needs Voice Activation Technology

One of the most significant emerging trends for sales teams in all industries is increasing voice activation technology. Advances in voice have led to numerous opportunities to leverage. Let’s look into the key reasons your sales team needs to consider how voice activation technology can improve their processes. 

Mapping Your Vision

Voice technology is allowing sales teams to map their visions better. Voice commands can be used to update data, track conversations, automate messages, and much more. It allows for better cohesiveness between IT and sales teams, mainly through gathering and analyzing data. Insights can be collected and added to a customer journey map. 

Getting Creative with Customer Engagement

Customers want an engaging and responsive experience with brands. They want to feel like they are getting a personalized experience rather than a drab, generic back and forth. Voice technology is a tool that can allow for a more enriching and engaging experience, resulting in more sales and greater brand loyalty. Simply put: with voice, you can create better customer relationships. 


Voice-enabled chatbots are another fantastic way to make use of voice activation technology. A chatbot can deliver relevant information to customers through voice and provide an engaging experience that feels personalized. Companies and brands can answer spoken inquiries sufficiently, without the need for staff. Technological advances in NLP (natural language processing) mean that chatbots can figure out both the meaning and purpose behind customer queries. As a result, bots can deliver more accurate responses, which ultimately results in greater customer satisfaction. 

A sales team can maximize the benefits of chatbot technology by having a clear content plan. Using task analysis can help a sales team get a better idea of an individual’s goals and intentions as they move through the customer journey. 

Taking Advantage of Voice Search

Many households now have a smart speaker in their home, and there is a growing trend to search with voice. Statistics show that 41% of adults used voice search at least once a day. People are using voice assistants for help with basic tasks and to find out simple information. Devices are offering a tailored and personalized experience for customers. Questions are asked in many physical locations such as the home, in the car, during a workout, and even in a restaurant. A sales team can optimize their content for voice search to meet the informational needs of searchers. This can be done through content marketing and SEO ensuring the result meets the intent of voice search. Voice search promises to be a trend that no sales team will be able to ignore. 


Voice activation technology helps sales teams hone in on their target demographic. Through machine learning and AI, data analysis can provide valuable findings to aid sales campaigns and efforts. This analysis allows sales teams to target their core audience better and provide higher quality customer service. It also means that a sales budget can be used more efficiently. 

Voice Activation Technology & CRMs

As we mentioned in our previous article, voice activation technology is changing the nature of CRMs and empowering sales teams in the process. There are a variety of emerging voice assistants that can be used within existing CRMs. Eventually voice will interact with the entire sales stack, allowing sales teams to quickly and efficiently update or query any piece of information they need, regardless of where the data is stored. This means sales teams won’t need to waste time jumping from one app to another, but can instead manage their campaigns from one place that is accessible to the entire team.

 At Grapevine AI, we realized that something was missing when unlocking the full potential of voice assistants. That’s  why we created a voice-activated AI assistant that can help boost networking and assist with retrieving essential information when you need it most. It seamlessly slips into your CRM so that you can retrieve insights with ease and capture data by simply using your voice. Rather than pulling up spreadsheets, documents, or post-it notes you can use this voice activated technology to speak data into the assistant as if you are talking to your colleague. It then stores this data so that it can be later retrieved and provide further insights. This helps to save time, and it is an incredibly convenient way to recall critical data whenever it is needed. Your CRM can be continually updated with new information as easily as talking to a friend–no more time-consuming data entry. Forget about the drudgery of keying in data–voice assistants allow you to manage data with simple natural language commands. Overall, voice activation technology will empower sales teams to allow their CRM experience to be more personalized and tailored to their requirements. 


Overall, voice activation technology is constantly evolving, and it is providing an excellent addition to all sales teams. It allows them to work more efficiently while also utilizing AI to deliver better results. Any modern sales team should be looking at voice activation technology to automate their processes and provide exceptional customer service. 

Get ready to find a tool that once you use, you’ll never know how you lived without it! Try the beta now!