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Kristen S
Blackstone, Principal

How’d I live before Grapevine AI? Now, I don’t need to think about what I have coming up for the day ahead – it is already right in front of me in the morning. My Daily Intelligence Report comes each morning, complete with essential contact details and insights—as if I have my own personal assistant.

Ross P, Enterprise

Forget hours of data-entry. I just tap the grapes and go. Simple things like my contact went to Michigan--so I’ll always remember to say “Go Blue!” or comment if they beat Ohio State.

Francesco B.
Founder NewCo

I can’t believe how easy it is to add details to a contact. In the past, I’ve had to scribble notes (on napkins, sticky notes, you name it, I’ve done it) and hope to remember to input the information into my CRM. It used to take me hours, not to mention how much I’d forget or lose! Now I just tap the button and say whatever I need to remember.

Rich B, Gartner,
Expert Partner

Before Riley AI, I knew that someone had told me they liked hockey (maybe obsessed with hockey), but I had no way to find who that was. Now with Grapevine AI, all I have to do is ask, “Who likes hockey?” and up it pops on my phone or computer! Remembering details has never been easier.

“Because we are the first AI that actually improves your relationships - by making your CRM work smarter.”

Finally, truly know the people in your network. Just talk to us about your contacts and we’ll capture and recall everything for you. Let us be your memory so you can close more deals.
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