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Knowing Your Customers: CRM Strategies To Close Deals Faster

Knowing Your Customers: Customer Relationship Management Strategies To Drive Actionable Insights To Close Deals Faster

Conventional wisdom for effective sales strategy holds that your response should always include saying their name aloud back to them when introduced to a potential customer.  The reasons for this can seem almost too obvious:  To make them feel recognized and appreciated, to personalize the interaction. And, of course, to immediately begin to establish a rapport and form a connection.  After all, people like to be known.  They want to be remembered.  Famous industrialist, Dale Carnegie, was speaking from experience when he remarked, “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” 

But their name is only the beginning.  The kind of details a new contact might share when introducing themself are often quite basic yet extremely important—you might even say, essential—to that person’s self-identity.  And all of these details can be quite valuable for you (and your entire sales and marketing team) as well — Provided that you can both remember and use this information effectively.  

Enter your contact relationship management (CRM) system.  

Customer relationship management is the method a company uses to manage and analyze its interactions with its past, current, and potential customers.  

A contact relationship tool makes it easy to:  

  1. track customer and prospect contact details and interactions 
  2. identify quickly sales opportunities and points of connection  
  3. understand your customer’s wants and needs, and tailor your pitch to demonstrate precisely why your product provides a better solution than your competitors 
  4. streamline your sales process—from pitch to close—all in one central location. 

The key to choosing the right CRM system for your small business lies in knowing what features will be most useful and readily accessible in your day-to-day life. Now, more than ever, we find ourselves appreciating hands-free and voice-activated technologies as we adapt to new ways of working, interacting, and living in our professional and personal lives. We find ourselves striving to multitask and meet from our many separate remote, mixed-use spaces worldwide.  It is becoming more and more evident that in these socially-distanced times forming and maintaining authentic, lasting relationships with our professional network can seem more challenging—yet more imperative—than ever.  A warm and personalized greeting in a familiar voice is not so easy to take for granted these days. 

The right CRM will not only strengthen your professional network and streamline your sales process; it will also save you a considerable amount of time, help you close more deals, yield faster sales, and boost your productivity.  By automating repetitive tasks, technology like voice-activated CRMs, voice-driven data entry, and CPQ (configure price quote) allow your sales team to focus their time and energy on higher priority activities.  

Each of your customers gets assigned a unique profile where all of their information is centrally organized. CRM systems provide a simple and secure way to save and share contacts, past and current customer information, and info regarding potential leads between all designated members of your sales team.  

By recording each customer interaction’s details in one centralized location, everyone on your sales and marketing teams can stay up-to-date on the latest leads and developments. Customer profiles also provide a simple, elegant means of taking notes and communicating internally about specific customer questions or concerns. You can even better ensure those customers always receive a timely and satisfactory follow-up by designating action items for team members to complete. It is also worth noting that most CRM software access permission settings can be further customized for individual users or position levels. 

As you might imagine, AI CRM can make a world of difference in increasing sales performance and growing revenue.   

… So, which CRM and CRM tools can help you close sales? And close sales faster

A quick online search will yield no shortage of free version and ready to buy cloud-based software solutions.  Alongside the usual big names, you’ll also find some fascinating and cutting-edge products. These Salesforce competitors and Chorus competitors’ results will often include newer, more finely tuned offerings developed by small and innovative start-ups.  

Riley stands out as a particularly strong contact management choice among the Salesforce alternative and Chorus alternative search results.  

Allowing for seamless integration into your daily interactions, Riley lets you record AND recall important customer details right on the spot using simple voice commands. Riley utilizes voice-activated data entry to generate a new profile for each of your contacts automatically.  It then files every unique relationship insight into a streamlined, searchable dashboard.  And by using a voice-activated CRM, you’ll be able to search for any detail or contact just by asking your question aloud.  Riley immediately delivers useful, data-driven and intuitive answers right into the palm of your hand.  

Step with confidence…and enter sales utopia.

So go ahead and make that assumptive close with confidence: Knowing you’ve harnessed the power of Riley’s AI  to learn about your customer. Confident that your product will deliver. And sure that yours is the perfect solution to meet their needs. 

…Imagine never having to rack your brain in the middle of suggesting a lunch meeting at that fabulous new bistro whose name was just on the tip of your tongue…  Now you can finally round up all those baseball fans on your client list who’d love to take you up on those box seat tickets you just scored.  And if that’s not a win, then I don’t know what is… 

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