How to Network Like a Pro on LinkedIn

How to Network Like a Pro on LinkedIn

How to Network Like a Pro on LinkedIn

With physical networking taking a step back, there has never been a better time to up your LinkedIn game. Creating genuine connections within your industry is more critical than ever, and it can help you take that next step forward in your career. You don’t need to wait for a local event to boost your professional network. LinkedIn is a powerful professional networking website that allows you to easily connect with some of the biggest names in your industry. Whether you’re new to LinkedIn or someone with more experience, it is always worth looking at how to use the platform in the best way to elevate your career. 

Linkedin can be a minefield to navigate, so here’s our easy-to-follow guide on how to network like a pro. 

Optimize your Profile

The first step to garnering success on LinkedIn is making your profile stand out. LinkedIn allows you to show off your skills and experience, and you should take full advantage to make your profile shine. Firstly, confirm every section is filled out and complete. Also, you should ensure that you have a professional-looking profile photo. Never leave your profile photo blank, and avoid leaving any gaps. Have a snappy headline and let others know what your specialty is. A complete profile will catch the eye. 

When you’re writing the summary and including information on your job roles, take advantage of specific keywords. Using relevant industry keywords will mean that your profile shows up when your industry leaders look for connections. 

Adding Connections and Interacting 

Once your profile is up to scratch, you can start creating your network with authority. Having over 500 connections will make you appear established within your industry, but you shouldn’t add just anyone. Start by connecting with colleagues and friends, and consider following some industry leaders. After this, you can begin to connect with professionals who you could see yourself working with or who could provide valuable insights. LinkedIn is a networking platform, so most people will be receptive to connecting with you if it potentially adds value or insights for them. 

When you send a connection request, you should always personalize it as this will increase the chance of acceptance and give you a starting point to build rapport. You can quickly introduce yourself and summarize why you want to connect–allowing you to come across as genuine. But, you don’t need to stop once you establish a connection. Be sure to engage with your newfound contacts and comment & like their posts. You can even send messages to see how their work is going, building the relationship organically. 

Keep Your Profile Updated & Ask For References

Once you have created an engaging profile, don’t let it stay stagnant for months and years. You should always be looking to update your profile to reflect your latest experiences and education. Furthermore, you should look to add some references to your profile to build credibility. You can politely ask previous employers or colleagues for recommendations and endorsements. 

Post Industry Content 

Don’t just passively review LinkedIn, consuming everyone else’s content. Take a shot at it for yourself! You don’t need to be the best writer to create engaging posts that will allow you to present yourself as an expert in your industry. Do some research and look at other well-performing posts to see what works well. In general, you shouldn’t be afraid to get creative and apply your personal touch. With this new situation, LinkedIn has seen content creation increase by 60%.

You can look to solve a problem that people in your industry may be facing. Consider your work and see if there’s a common theme around issues that you typically solve. Being specific can be more effective than creating an ambiguous post. Showcase your leadership. By clearly articulating clever solutions and how those solutions will make your connection’s life easier, you build credibility and establish yourself as an authority on the topic. 

Producing engaging, informative, and educational content will definitively enhance your reputation and build valuable connections in your industry. Using hashtags in your article will allow others in your industry to find you, and if your article is shared, it can quickly go viral. Once you develop a voice on LinkedIn, networking will be a piece of cake. Don’t be afraid to engage with your posts’ comments since these discussions are often the best place to get the conversation started. 

Take Advantage of LinkedIn Groups

Another great way to network like a pro on LinkedIn is by joining and creating groups. People who join these groups generally specialize in specific industries. By joining large groups, you get immediate access to hundreds of thousands of people in your industry who will also be able to find you. To take advantage of groups, you need to play an active role by interacting with posts and sharing your content. Participate in discussions, answer questions, and assert yourself as an industry expert. Instead of trying to be overly “salesy,” you should see yourself as a member of the community. Over time you can build authority and be noticed by industry leaders who can help boost your career. 


Overall, LinkedIn provides vast opportunities for all types of networking. You are not limited to your physical location and can instead network with professionals from over the globe. But, being able to use the platform efficiently is vital for success. With these tips, you can build meaningful relationships with experts in your industry and take your career to new heights. 
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