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5 Reasons Why Voice Activation Tech will Change Sales Software Forever

Voice is the next big thing. You’ve heard this for years. Maybe you weren’t entirely convinced. But, if you’ve been paying attention recently, you’ll know the tremendous strides that voice activation technology is making in both professional and personal spaces. The CRM is a lovely piece of software that has been getting a dramatic makeover in recent years. One of the most significant advancements has been the collaboration with voice activation technology. Here are five key reasons that will convince you voice activation technology is poised to have a considerable impact on sales software.

1. It Drives Sales

Sales and conversions are the backbones of any business, that’s obvious. But what’s not apparent, voice activation technology helps provide expert speech recognition features that help boost sales. This is done with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to analyze past conversations to provide set-responses to agents before the customer has even completed their sentence. Speech recognition allows for call transcripts to record the full communication with clients, and AI can manipulate these for optimal performance. Aspects such as keywords, tone of voice, and stage of conversation are all taken into account. The transcripts of the best-performing agents can be used as guidance for training new employees. Overall, the entire sales process can be automated and optimized as a result of voice activation technology.

2. It Helps Target Specific Demographics

The value of segmentation is known to all sales professionals. Voice activation technology helps CRM’s target specific demographics better by analyzing detailed data that can provide relevant insights. A business can learn more about its core demographic and continually improve its outreach strategy to cater to its target audience’s needs. This helps to make the entire marketing strategy more efficient, and ensures that the budget is allocated optimally. Businesses can leverage voice activation technology to understand their audience better to improve their offering.

3. It Boosts Customer Engagement

In addition to targeting, voice activation is also making it easier to engage in a more meaningful manner with potential customers. Voice activation technology helps identify specific mannerisms in an interaction that can be repeated for optimum results–leading to a boost in conversions and a more personalized experience for customers. The technology allows engagement to increase without the business needing to invest in further resources or training.

4. It Saves Time

Voice activation helps professionals cut down on time. This ever-evolving technology immediately recognizes the relevant words and can bring through the vital data that a user is seeking. This search takes far less effort than a manual search, saving a massive amount of time as a result. It means that sales professionals can expend less effort on menial tasks such as data entry instead of focusing on taking action based on these insights. Overall, voice technology helps empower employees to make quicker decisions and effectively adapt their sales strategies. Voice activation technology is helping to make CRMs more accessible and less mundane.

5. It Seamlessly Integrates with CRM Software

At Riley, we understood from the beginning that it was essential for our voice assistant to operate directly within CRMs. This makes it far more convenient for sales professionals to take full advantage without changing their current set-ups. Modern voice assistants are being developed to run naturally as part of a CRM rather than a separate piece of software. The integration helps keep everything in one place, which means that marketing professionals can get an overview of tasks and collect useful insights with ease. The modern CRM is no longer just a piece of software; instead, it can be thought of as a living mechanism continually learning and adapting. Sales, marketing, IT, and other divisions are now closer than ever, and voice activation technology has helped bridge this gap.

Closing Thoughts

Voice technology and sales software are a pairing that looks set to be a perfect match. We are still in the beginning stages, and we wait to see how the technology evolves and develops. But, the early signs point to voice technology and CRMs being a match made in heaven.

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