10 Things The Pandemic Has Taught Us About Sales

The pandemic has changed so many things, some of which may never return to how they were. We have learned a lot about sales in this unique period, forcing many businesses to adapt and modify their core sales approach. Let’s take a look at ten key things that the pandemic has taught us about sales. 

1. Communication is Incredibly Important

All relationships thrive on communication, and the same has always been valid for sales. However, the pandemic has taught us just how important communication can be. Communication within a sales team can be challenging without the current global situation, but navigating through unfamiliar territory has proven to be a unique challenge. Being genuine and empathic in communication is vital for all teams. Having easy modes of contact for the entire team was essential for success throughout the pandemic. 

2. You Can’t Tackle New Problems with Old Tools

Solving the challenges the pandemic poses required fresh approaches and cutting-edge thinking. Solutions needed to be reflected in the tools used by sales professionals. The pandemic has changed the way we sell and how we coordinate in a sales team. Rather than being purely reactive, there is a chance to take on new problems with a fresh approach. The pandemic revealed to sales teams the values of thinking outside the box and questioning existing tools and processes. This paradigm challenge leads to more significant innovation and provides a way for a business to tackle the new normal in a novel manner. 

3. A Startup Mindset is Vital

Regardless of how new or established a business is, the pandemic has reminded us of the benefits of fostering a startup culture. Having smaller agile teams has proven beneficial during these times, but there’s also great value in adopting a startup mindset. Keeping transparency and engaging with regular sprints leads to the development of more effective sales strategies. 

4. Efficiency and Processes are the Lifeline of Sales

All sales professionals will have specific processes for tackling new challenges. The pandemic has forced sales teams to rethink existing strategies, and it has shown organizations just how vital these processes are. In turn, it means organizations can hone in on providing additional value for customers. 

5. Never Underestimate Human Connections

The pandemic has reminded us of all of the value of the human touch. Powerful and reliable connections are vital for any company throughout this pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, connection strength may not have been fully appreciated, but now it’s evident just how crucial it is to maintain and develop these human connections within a sales team. 

6. Digital Marketing is a Gradual Process

Many businesses have upped their digital marketing game as a reaction to the pandemic. However, not all have seen the results for which they were hoping. Those that had a long-term horizon have been able to capitalize on the opportunities afforded by the pandemic. Still, those starting from scratch really highlight the complexity involved with digital marketing campaigns. Customers are savvy, and the pandemic has made acquiring customers through these channels even more expensive. Brands must focus on engaging with their current customers and building out long-term strategies to reach new customers through digital media. 

7. It is Key to Find the Right Digital Channels

There are various digital channels for a business to enter, but the pandemic has shown the dangers of spreading yourself too thin. Instead of reaching out for shiny new toys, it is essential to see which channels deliver the highest ROI. You can then continue to optimize campaigns in these channels. For some, organic social works better than paid social, it is vital to utilize stretched marketing budgets in the most efficient way possible. 

8. The Website is Your Most Important Digital Asset

Your website is your brand. It’s as simple as that. It should be central to any digital strategy, and from the pandemic, we’ve learned just how crucial it is for sales. It allows you to talk to customers from all over the world at all hours, so your brand can capture leads and execute deals. The website also forms the structure that supports marketing strategies such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and more. 

9. Consumer Trends and Data are More Valuable Than We Thought

Big data was already in the spotlight for years before the pandemic. But, we now know just how valuable the insights it can give us are. Many companies were able to take advantage of new trends that emerged during the lockdown, and with the help of big data, we’re able to process valuable insights. These help to inform and optimize digital marketing campaigns and boost conversions as a result. We are excited to see how AI and big data continue to progress in the coming years to provide a more engaging sales experience for the end customer. 

10. The Importance of Being Community Minded

Now more than ever, consumers want to engage with brands that are genuinely socially responsible. The ethics and behaviors of businesses are having an impact on whether an individual engages with a brand. With the pandemic, the importance of giving back is more important than ever. We all have the opportunity to make the world a better place and should do more to make a real difference in our communities. 


The pandemic continues to shift the way we plan a sales strategy. The world of work has changed, and it has been vital for businesses to adapt to this ‘new normal.’ As a result of these changes, we continue to learn more about sales, and these lessons will prove useful to all teams looking to come out of the pandemic in better shape. 

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